Saffron Usages

Uses And Benifits Of Saffron

Saffron-The Magical herb or The golden crop has occupied a special place in the culture and tradition of people. This exotic herb is famous for its medicinal, Coloring and flavoring properties. Valued all over the world, specially by culinary and medical experts. Saffron has a number of uses. Saffron is very popular as a spice in all international cuisines. It is an indispensable ingredient in most Mughlai dishes and erstwhile Mughlai chefs used this herb liberally in rich concoctions they prepared for the royal table. In India, to serve dishes decorated with saffron is regarded as a mark of honor to the guest. On account of its Coloring and aromatic properties, saffron is mostly used as a food additive in culinary, bakery and confectionary preparations.
"From olden days the upper class of the society used to dye their clothes in saffron because of its natural intimate fragrance after dye. The saffron dyed clothes would last hundreds of years, as can be seen in the museums where wardrobes of ancient kings and queens are kept alive, because saffron dye does not allow the insecticides to cause their effect on the clothes.
Saffron is highly used by royal Arabs in the form of perfumes and attars. Evidence of different kinds assures that saffron is an irreplaceable ingredient in the Hispanic-Arabic cooking. Preparation of saffron blended tea is an old age tradition in royal Arab kitchens. Saffron is thought to clear skin, even acne, and is usually applied in the form of mask. Traditionally it is used by high born Indian women to impart golden hue to the skin. Saffron is supposed to be lust provoking and is often added in love sachets. The Roman aristocracy perfumed their homes and baths with it. Saffron stigmas has been used as a flavoring base and coloring agent in both food and drinks in Mediterranean, Asian cuisines. It has been in use in the preparation of sweet dishes in many Indian, Pakistani and central Asian countries. It is also used as a color and flavoring base in the preparation of ice creams, cakes, drinks and various Ayurvedic health products and in famous saffron blended Indian wines.
Saffron has many benefits and one of the ways to incorporate it in your diet is by taking Saffron Milk which can be made by dissolving one small pinch of saffron dissolved in a glass of 200 ml milk. You may add honey or sugar for taste if required. Saffron is used as a key ingredient in the manufacture of flavored chewing tobacco ( zaffrani zarda) mainly used in India and also exported to various countries. In India saffron is mainly used to prepare an oil based perfume (zaffrani attar) which is a blend of saffron and sandalwood. Saffron mix attar is highly exported to Saudi Arabia and other Muslim nations.