What is Saffron ?

Saffron known by its general name of saffron and scientific name of crocus sativus is the most precious herb on earth and it is the sole agricultural commodity weighs in Mesghal (4/6 gr.) and garam when supplys for sale.

Saffron Botany

Saffron with the scientific name Crocus Sativus L from Iridaceae family is an herbaceous, perennial, bulbous plant but without stem. Saffron corm and bulb is meaty and almost spherical shape with the diameter of 3 to 5 cm in brown color which is hidden under the soil.

Saffron And Health

Saffron, the Flower of Health.

Since ancient times physicians and chemists have been impressed by the quality and properties of saffron and their beliefs have been confirmed by modern science. Saffron is used in various medicines and has traditionally been believed to give one a clear complexion, a sense of well-being and exhilaration, and to increase potency. Scientific studies have confirmed many properties of this amazing medicinal herb, including its anti-carcinogenic effect, anti-depression, booster of intelligence, and its effect on the body’s resistance to diseases .